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Re: For US history, what are the best primary sources to teach with?

What a great list!
I would include

JFK's speech on Civil Rights
(1963) Malcolm X, “Message to the Grassroots”
Excerpts from Betty Friedan's discussion on the problem that has no name
I just did a search for Margaret Sanger and she fell out of frameworks apparently? There are powerful readings of women who cried for birth control because they couldn't feed the children they had!

Massachusetts History & Social Science Frameworks revisions

I am reviewing the proposed changes to the Massachusetts frameworks and am deeply concerned about several aspects.  The vision statement at the beginning of the document does not mention improving student knowledge of history nor does it mention helping students to learn effective ways to interpret the past.  Also, the vision statement needs to be a measurable document if vision is synonomous with mission?  How can we measure "promote the ideals of equality, justice, liberty, and the common good?"  Throughout the document there are references to the "common good" which may have extremely di