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Re: Weekly Bell Ringer: Introduce yourself!

Welcome, Craig, and thank you for your kind words!

I am excited about the possibilities as well. H-High-S currently has 1,445 subscribers. My message would be that we welcome new members, and that we hope that they will find the discussions helpful to their teaching. We also hope they will contribute to our discussions, as the value of our network is only limited by what we will make of it. And, in a group like this, with teachers, historians, teacher educators, social scientists, and educational researchers, there is certainly much to be made.

My collection of resources for student-teachers

For a few years I have created a OneNote Notebook of resources for my student teachers.

Three programs in MA have told me that they share it with their pre-practicum teachers.  

As with any resource like this it is uneven. Definitely weak on technology. And shows the bias of its creator - so pro-explicit instruction over PBL etc.