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Re: Global History: New York State Regent's Exam Data Analysis

Hi Dan,

Gabriel Reich, out of VCU has written extensively on the regents exams in the past. You should check out his research. Also, I have done some research on the question for the Social Science Docket.
Are you utilizing the online NYS Archive of all past Regents exams?

Casey Jakubowski
PhD Candidate
SUNY Albany

Global History: New York State Regent's Exam Data Analysis

I am currently working on a database of every Regent's question for the New York State Global Regents Exam from the past 20 years and I am looking for help and input from fellow teachers in the state of New York or other interested researchers.  My goal is to catalog every question since 1996 to look at patterns and analyze the Global History Regents that New York State gives every year.  This exam, according to past data, is consistently one of the most failed exams in the state of New York.