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Home school Social Science Material

Hello All,

I am currently homeschooling my elementary school children.  I am happy with our curriculum for Math & English but not Social Studies.  I am looking for material that shares a true historical account about our past (U.S. History, World History etc.).  Can anyone share curriculums or resources that could be helpful?





H-Net Book Channel Update and a Request

For those of you who haven't explored all of the offerings H-Net has for network members, I wanted to introduce you to the newly re-vamped H-Net Book Channel.  The H-Net Book Channel is where you will find all of the published current and archived book reviews that H-Net networks have commissioned since it's inception back in the early 1990s.  It is also where you will find on-going scholarly discussions about books in the social sciences and humanities that have been reviewed on the various H-Net networks.