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World War 2 Archaeology in Saipan

The MUA is proud to announce a new project journal: Ships of Discovery and East Carolina University's OPERATION FORAGER! This joint project explored various aspects of Saipan's history both above and beneath the waves. Their online project journal includes great posts, slideshows, interactive images, and 3D models. You can read their posts here: http://www.themua.org/ECUSaipan

Dr. T. Kurt Knoerl
Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Museum of Underwater Archaeology



July 9-14: The 2017 Columbia University's IRAAS Summer Institute, themed "Black Activist NY" is accepting applications. Early bird discount available.

Columbia University's Institute for Research in African-American Studies (IRAAS) is accepting applications for its 2017 Summer Teachers and Scholars Institute (STSI), convening for one week

The Maritime Cultural Resource Center

The Museum of Underwater Archaeology is proud to announce the launch of The Maritime Cultural Resource Center: an educational tool for teachers who want to explore how maritime culture has influenced popular media.  We’ve assembled a team of historians, archaeologists, archivists and performers to highlight and discuss examples of maritime films, music, art, and images.