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Banishing AP US History?

During the past week, news stories have been published concerning legislative committees in both Texas and Oklahoma voting to ban or eliminate AP US History from the state US History curriculum offerings on the basis of a perceived bias in the new curriculum and test.  While I would normally link published articles in a post such as this, there has been little mainstream printed press coverage of this story to date, leaving articles from more politically biased organizations as the source of information. 

New Films on African-American Studies for Black History Month

Hi All,

I am attaching some information about two new films from Women Make Movies that might be of interest to you:

In honor of Black History Month, Women Make Movies is thrilled to announce the release of REFLECTIONS UNHEARD: Black Women in Civil Rights (http://bit.ly/reflectionsunheard) and LIVING THINKERS: An Autobiography of Black Women in the Ivory Tower (http://bit.ly/livingthinkers).