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Welcome to the new H-Hausa / Sannu da zuwan sabuwar H-Hausa

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Sorry about the long hiatus in editing H-Hausa. In addition to my other duties, which include up to nine classes a semester but which I do get paid for, I was editing two lists here on H-Net. I've been able to get some help with the other one, so I should be able to concentrate more on H-Hausa. 

H-Net is now fully webified, and no longer simply a plain ASCII email list. Please continue to contribute anything of interest concerning language, culture, history etc. of not only the Hausa speaking peoples of west Africa but their many neighbors who've influenced them. 

About this Network

Welcome to H-Hausa, H-Net's Network on issues related to Hausa language, literature and culture.

I. The H-Hausa Network: Scope, Content, Purpose

H-Hausa is a network about issues related to Hausa language, literature and culture. It began as a network concerned exclusively with language, but it has also hosted discussions ranging from traditional, Arabic-based orthography to computerization of Hausa, from grammar to culture and other subjects.