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NWSA Call for Panelists: Female Sexualities in French & Francophone Literature

I am looking for a panelist as well as a commenter for a panel for the NWSA conference in Montréal, Québec (November 10-13, 2016) that will fall under subtheme #1 "Unsettling Settler Logics." The two papers we have thus far focus on aspects of unsettling and decolonizing female bodies within contemporary French and francophone literature.

CFP ASEEES 2016 - Looking for third panelist and chair

Hi All,

I am currently looking for a third panelist and chair to complete an ASEEES panel on revolutionary women in Eastern Europe in the 19th century (and/or into the 20thc). The first paper is on the Polish women's movement, and the second paper looks at Russian revolutionary women and their reception in the U.S. The application is due by Feb 15th

If interested, please email me at cgibson2@binghamton.edu

Chelsea Gibson
PhD Candidate, Binghamton University 

[Update] CFP Deadline Extension to Feb. 15 for Encountering the Unexpected: Glitches, Displacements, and Marginalia


The Call for Papers Deadline has been extended to February 15, 2016 for Encountering the Unexpected: Glitches, (Dis)placements, and Marginalia, a Syracuse University Department of Religion Graduate Student Conference

March 25th and 26th, 2016