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Maintaining a Source Database - Part I: Choosing Your Software

Insider Information Blog

Grad School is, among other things, a monumental challenge of organization. The previous three posts in the Insider Information blog gave tips for getting the most out your time spent reading.  But what do we do with all that information and how can we easily recall it when we actually need it? Even the best memory will often forget an important argument or source.

Insider Info blog for August

Hi guys! 

For August, I'd like to write a blog about best teaching practices as many of us will be gearing up to teach seminars and lectures, perhaps for the first time ever. What are some of the resources that you've found useful when preparing for teaching? Do you have any experiences to share that would be helpful for first-time teachers? How have you handled issues with students or with the professors running the courses for which you're the TA/GA/seminar convener? (Please remember this is a relatively open forum, so no names of students/identifying info/etc.)

Reading about Writing

Resource Blog

Usually, the best way to write is just to write, but sometimes it's good to read what others say about the writing process to help you improve your writing or motivate you to begin writing. The following books have been recommended by fellow H-Grad subscribers as books that have helped them develop their writing throughout graduate school (now with handy Amazon links for more information!).