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Interesting essay on graduate education

Dear H-Grad,

You may be interested in this essay by an art history professor at Rutgers: "On Graduate Education: Is it Worth it? A Primer (with Memoir) for the Art History Graduate Student" by Dr. Susan Sidlauskas. Sidlauskas was one of my graduate school mentors and I saw how much energy she put into research, teaching, and mentoring students -- it was a bit dizzying at times. It is illuminating to learn the ups and downs of how she got there.

All best,

Call for Papers - Excursions Journal and Symposium - 'Networks'


Call for Papers and Abstracts: ‘Networks’

Deadline for Symposium Abstracts: 31 July 2017

Deadline for Journal Articles: 31 October 2017

‘To operate within the matrix of power is not the same as to replicate uncritically relations of domination.’ Judith Butler, Gender Trouble (1990)


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Guest Post: Creating a "Writing Bootcamp"

Resource Blog

Summer is a great time to get work done, especially writing if you have no other teaching or course requirements. But how can you make sure you get work done and manage your time effectively? One method is a "writing bootcamp" and guest blogger Danielle Blalock Barefoot writes about what one is and her experience with one.