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Reminder: August Resource Blog: History of Capitalism

As mentioned earlier this month, the H-Grad August Resource Blog will deal with works on the History of Capitalism. This is a topic that reaches across the many disciplines and geographic locations that our subscribers at H-Grad call home. It is also a topic that has sparred intense debates within and outside the academy for many decades.  We, the editors at H-Grad, want to make sure that the blog represents the diverse readership of H-Grad and we need your help to make sure we include works that cover all parts of the world and a variety of methodological approaches.

Reading List Database For PhD Qualification Exams

Another academic year is fast approaching, which means that many of us will begin the harrowing process of preparing for the dreaded qualification examinations as doctoral students. I've spoken with numerous PhD students over the past few years who often describe qualification examination preparation with phrases such as "being lost in the dark" and "having little guidance from advisors." When asked what they should read for their qualification exam, one history PhD student told me, their advisor simply replied, "everything."