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CFP: Children and Childhood Studies Area, Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association Conference

Children and Childhood Studies (CCS) focuses on the societal, cultural, and political forces that shape the lives of children and the concept of childhood contemporaneously and throughout history. CCS research may originate in any discipline, including: the humanities, the behavioral and social sciences, or the hard sciences. We especially encourage multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary research.

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Hi All,

I wanted to thank everyone thus far who has contributed to this month's topic on colonization. I wanted to put out a second call for book list contributions. We are lacking in a few areas of colonial history like Africa, North America, Latin America, etc . . ., and it would be great to hear from more people. Please feel free to send your book ideas to me at nat80@msstate.edu or post a on H-Grad's Twitter handle @hgradlist.

Thank you again for all the responses. I plan to have this list compiled by the first week of April.