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History of Capitalism Reading List

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There is no question that trying to compile a comprehensive list about the history of capitalism is a daunting, if not impossible, task. Thus, take what follows as a very small sliver of what is available. Admittedly, this list is skewed heavily towards North and South America (with a bit of Great Britain thrown in) as those are the areas I am most familiar with. One will also notice how studies of capitalism often go beyond state borders and are becoming increasingly global in scope. I and the editors at H-Grad welcome any additions you wish to leave in the comments.

Call for Panelists: WAWH 2016

CALL FOR PANELISTS: Western Association of Women Historians 2016 Annual Conference

Denver, Colorado - May 12-14, 2016

Dear all,

I am seeking a third panelist, chair, and commentator for a paper session at the WAWH annual conference in Denver, Colorado, May 12-14, 2016. This proposed paper session will broadly consider how women used indirect channels to engage in public life and how women have used "traditional" understandings of a more limited role for women to actually push for a greater public role for themselves.

Southern Historian accepting submissions

The Southern Historian is a graduate journal published annually at the University of Alabama under the direction of the History Department and the Media Planning Board.  It is a non-profit journal that highlights the best in graduate research on southern history and culture.  Each issue is written and edited by graduate students and all articles are peer reviewed by our Senior Editorial Board made up of some of the nation’s leading southern historians.