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Extended Deadline CFP 9/2/16: Ninth Annual Northern Illinois University History Graduate Student Conference “Producing History”

Call for Papers
Ninth Annual
Northern Illinois University History Graduate Student Conference “Producing History”
November 4th, 2016
Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL

Reminder CFAbstracts: "Gender & Historical Film and Television" Special Issue

Call for Abstracts:  Special Issue of Gender & History on ‘Gender & Historical Film and Television’ (Vol. 30, No. 3; November 2018)

Edited by Siobhan Craig (University of Minnesota), Carol Donelan (Carleton College), and Felice Lifshitz (University of Alberta)

The deadline for abstract submissions is August 31, 2016.

Contesting Australian History: A Festschrift for Marilyn Lake

On 8-9 December 2016, the University of Melbourne will host a Festschrift to celebrate the distinguished career of historian Professor Marilyn Lake on the eve of her retirement. Marilyn has taught at a number of universities, in Australia, the United States, and Sweden. She has held visiting Fellowships at the Universities of Sydney and Stockholm and at ANU and Chairs in History at La Trobe University and The University of Melbourne.


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Reading More about Writing

Resource Blog

Last summer, Kerrie Holloway wrote a very useful Resource Blog for H-GRAD,  “Reading about Writing.”  Since a few of my favorite books were absent, my blog offers several additions to her suggested reading list. Writing a dissertation is a long process, and along the way it can be useful to stop and review some of the advice that’s out there on effective work habits, efficient writing/reading/researching and navigating personal obstacles.

How To ... Use Airtable to organize your research materials.

Resource Blog

(H-Net is receiving no compensation for reviewing the product featured in the blogpost below).

Airtable's home page.

How do you organize all of the primary source materials that go into writing your dissertation, conference paper, or academic article --particularly when oftentimes the argument you are making requir

Reading List Blog

Reading Lists

The editors of H-Grad are making some changes to our blogs!

First, to add clarity to the purpose of each of our blogs and more resources for subscribers to H-Grad, we created a new blog called "Reading Lists." This blog will contain sample reading lists for a variety of fields to help graduate students prepare for their comprehensive exams, historigraphical essays, or research projects. Existing reading lists posted under the "Resource Blog" will be relabeled as posts in this new "Reading Lists" blog.