H-Genocide is a network for professional scholars, survivors of genocide, authors, historians and other interested people working in genocide studies and related fields, e.g. U.S., European, African, S. American, and Asian studies, to name a few. Discussion topics include the history, analysis, and theory of genocide, all genocides.

Recent Content

Holocaust in Europe historical tour 2015

After seeing Curt Dunagan’s recent post in H-Holocaust about a study abroad program in Poland, I would like to announce a similar initiative with a few key differences that I have organized for summer 2015. My “Holocaust in Europe” tour and related field course at the University of Winnipeg is a 15-day exploration of key sites in central Europe focusing on Jewish life before the Second World War, Nazi genocide, and post-war memorialization.

Study Abroad: Peace, Justice, and the International Courts [May26-June13, 2015]

This unique eighteen-day undergraduate program takes students behind-the-scenes of the ICC, ICTY, and ICJ, allowing them to attend on-going trials and have private sessions with court jurists, investigators, and administrators. The program will also engage students in assignments that are condcuted in cooperation with an international NGO working on issues of justice and post-conflict societal development.