H-Genocide is a network for professional scholars, survivors of genocide, authors, historians and other interested people working in genocide studies and related fields, e.g. U.S., European, African, S. American, and Asian studies, to name a few. Discussion topics include the history, analysis, and theory of genocide, all genocides.

Below you will find a continuous updated list of new books published in Genocide Studies. It includes new pubs streaming from the H-Net Book Channel and new book announcements posted to H-Genocide by subscribers. Next to the books are all the announcements, discussions, and queries we welcome here. You will find CFPs in Genocide Studies on the right side of this page under H-Genocide Resources.

H-Genocide is currently looking for new editors to take over the network and take an active role in developing new online materials and resources for the field. We also looking for contributors, bloggers, discussants, resources gatherers, etc. If you are interested in helping build this site, please contact Patrick Cox, H-Net's Vice-President for Networks, at vp-net@mail.h-net.msu.edu.