H-Gender-MidEast is an international network for social scientists and humanists interested in scholarly exchange on issues of gender in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. It aims to build a network in tune with shifting geographical articulations and to bring together gender-focused issues from within a wide range of (inter) disciplinary positions.

Recent Content

Sexuality, Culture and Public Politics in the Middle East

Dear Colleague,

The latest issue of Anthropology of the Middle East focuses on the critical political anthropology of the Middle East. This special issue is titled Sexuality, Culture and Public Politics in the Middle East. The texts in this issue highlight the various ways in which sexuality has become a new frontier for public politics, as well as the role of citizens in challenging oppressive state regulation and cultural norms, and in reshaping values around sexuality and the most intimate aspects of daily life.

Call for nominations to the MESA Graduate Student Paper Prize for 2015

MESA Graduate Student Paper Prize

The Middle East Studies Association invites submissions of graduate student research papers on any aspect of post 600 CE Middle East studies for the 2015 Graduate Student Paper Prize. The author of the winning paper will be presented with a certificate and $250 cash award at the Awards Ceremony at MESA's annual meeting. In addition, the paper can be submitted for publication in the Review of Middle East Studies (RoMES).