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CFP Session M17. Legal Pluralism in European and Colonial Cities, 1600–1940, EAUH, Helsinki, 2016

Legal pluralism is usually understood in correlation with colonization and the imposition of a European judicial system over the existent, indigenous legal system. The definition of legal pluralism is however more complex and has been described recently as ‘a formation of historically occurring patterns of jurisdictional complexity and conflict’ (Benton and Ross, 2013). As such, legal pluralism is not confined to the Empires: legal pluralism existed also in continental Europe, especially in the cities, where men and women could use different courts to settle their grief.

Call for Publications: African Religions: Ritual and Practice Through History

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African Religions: Beliefs and Practices through History published by ABC-CLIO is looking for contributors. The following entries are still unassigned:

Islam (1000)
Nasr al-Din (500)

Muhammad al-Maghili (500)
Muhammad Ahmed al-Mahdi (500)

Ahmed al-Tijani (500)
Azrail (250)
Ahmadou Cheikhou Ba (500)

Muhammad Bello (500)

Sheikh Hamallah (500)

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