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Recent Content

WARA's open letter to President Obama.

Subscribers to H-French-Colonial may be interested in an open letter from the West African Research Association to United States President Obama regarding the ebola crisis. The letter is available on WARA's website.

H-Net tries to stay away from being a political forum, but there is certainly much about this situation that could appropriately discussed here.


Patrick Cox

New website on Crisis in Saint-Domingue in 1789

The University of Maryland Libraries has created a new website on the “Crisis in the Colony” in 1789 (http://colonyincrisis.wordpress.com/).  It includes translated documents from their collections about the grain famine in Saint-Domingue in 1789.

Members of the Board of Advisors for the project include Gina Ulysse, John Garrigus, David Geggus, and myself.