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Recent Content

Onontio Gives Birth: How the French in Canada Became Fathers to Their Indigenous Allies, 1645–73

In the latest issue of the Canadian Historical Review, "Onontio Gives Birth: How the French in Canada Became Fathers to Their Indigenous Allies, 1645–73" by Peter Cook, explores an important shift in the kin metaphors used in intercultural alliances and treaty making in seventeenth-century eastern Canada. At the beginning of the period, Indigenous peoples and French colonizers described their relationship as an alliance of brothers.

CFP: When the nation is not enough: Democratic rights on the global stage, 1870-1970, Leiden, The Netherlands, 14-16 January 2016

Democratic rights are often conceived of, and have developed, in national frameworks. However, not all groups within the nation state have always felt they could stake their claims sufficiently on the national stage. In order to make their claims heard and increase their legitimacy they appealed to the international stage, a phenomenon that Keck and Sikkink call the boomerang effect. This workshop aims to contribute to this literature by investigating the connections between scales of mobilisation.