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New Issue Alert: Contemporary French Civilization 41.2

Contemporary French Civilization Volume 41, Issue 2 is now available online.

Contemporary French Civilization, a journal devoted to all aspects of civilization and cultural studies in France and the Francophone world, provides an informative and stimulating interdisciplinary forum for scholars wishing to share their knowledge and insights with a broad, diversified audience..

New book: Aleppo: The Rise and Fall of Syria's Great Merchant City (Mansel)

I would like to announce my latest book which is on Aleppo since the Ottoman conquest in 1516 till today. A 65 page history followed by 147 pages of extracts from travellers' accounts including Leonhard Rauwolff, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, Alexander Russell and 12 others.

This book stresses the diversity of the city (which Charles Robson in 1628 called 'an epitome of the whole world') and the role of French consuls, Catholic Missions and the French language, long before the installation of the French mandate in 1920.