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Food Studies is by nature a field that incorporates interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary studies. H-Food-Studies provides a forum for sharing ideas, resources, discussions and opportunities in research, teaching, publication and other activities (in and outside of academia) related to the production, consumption, distribution, cultural meanings, and history of food and drink through time and around the world. It is a place to make and understand connections among the disparate disciplines of the field, pose thoughtful questions, find relevant answers and resources, and engage in stimulating discussions with others in the field.

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H-Food-Studies Vodcast

H-Food-Studies interview with Dr. Anne Gessler author of the recently published "Cooperatives in New Orleans: Collective Action and Urban Development", produced and edited by Dr. R. de Matas. Please note this video can be controlled by simply rolling over the video to pause, increase or lower the volume and view and escape full screen. You are welcomed to start scholarly discussions concerning the study of Cooperatives on our network. Please click here for previous videos.

Interested in appearing on our food studies vodcast? Email us with a short bio and book information, we are also open to books that you found interesting and has supported your research.  

Food Blog Project

Click the above image to go directly to our newly created food blog project, we hope to bring you regular content. The blog features a new article by Nathan Lebras. Visit the H-Food-Studies blog page or here for commenting. If you are interested in contributuing see details and please contact us via email editorial-food-studies@mail.h-net.org with your proposal. 

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