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Delta Symposium and Arkansas Roots Music Festival - April 10 - 13

The Department of English, Philosophy, and World Languages at Arkansas State University announces the twenty-fifth annual Delta Symposium, April 10-13, 2019.  The Delta Symposium features a wide variety of scholarship that focuses on the Delta’s history and culture. Individual and panel presentations on topics relevant to the history and culture of the Arkansas and Mississippi Deltas and surrounding regions will be featured along with keynote presentations, video screenings, poetry and creative writing, and live music.

Latest Issue of Narrative Culture on "Political Narratives", 6 (1) 2019

Narrative Culture Volume 6, Number 1 – https://www.wsupress.wayne.edu/journals/detail/narrative-culture 
Stefan Groth (ed.): Special Issue: Political Narratives. Narrative Culture 6 (1), 2019.

Political Narratives / Narrations of the Political: An Introduction (pp. 1-18)
Stefan Groth