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Ritual Year Conference 2016

Hello all, a CfP that might be of interest. Tom

The Ritual Year Working Group (SIEF)


The 12th annual conference of the SIEF Working Group on the Ritual Year, hosted by the Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen, will be held at Findhorn, on the shores of the Moray Firth in northern Scotland.

Journées d'étude "Du folklore à l'ethnologie, une affaire de femmes? - les 4 et 5 novembre 2015 - Carcassonne

Chers collègues,
Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que les prochaines journées du cycle "Ethnographies Plurielles # 5" de la Société d'ethnologie (SEF), organisées en partenariat avec l'Ethnopôle Garae, l'ANR Visa (Vies savantes) et l'IIAC-Lahic, intitulées "Du folklore à l'ethnologie: une affaire de femmes?" se tiendront à Carcassonne les 04 et 05 novembre 2015. Vous trouverez le programme ici: http://visa.hypotheses.org/479
Très cordialement

Anne Monjaret

American Folklore Society 2015 Plenary Addresses To Be Broadcast and Archived Online


Dear H-Folk Colleagues,

We're happy to announce that the American Folklore Society and Indiana University's Collaborative Technologies office will partner to broadcast the two plenary addresses from the Society's 2015 annual meeting live online.

CfP Versification: Metrics in Practice, 25th–27th May 2016, Helsinki, Finland

Versification describes the marriage of language and meter: it is the key to the production of poetry.  This phenomenon attracts researchers from a wide variety of intersecting disciplines, ranging from metricists proper and researchers of cognitive poetics to scholars of folklore, linguistics, linguistic anthropology, literature, musicology, philology and more.  Meter is often discussed abstractly as the formalization of how words, sounds and sometimes also semantics relate to rhythm, yet poetic meter cannot exist without instantiation through language and a connection with social language