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Re: Digital Resource Editor

A million apologies... and a lesson learned. Using personal pronouns, when you only know someone through digital measures is a questionable practice, one in which I will avoid in the future.

Mr. Jody Noll is joining H-Florida as the digital resource editor. If you have any links you wish to share with Jody, please email him at Jnoll3@student.gsu.edu.

Please accept my apologies and welcome Mr. Noll to the staff.


Digital Resource Editor

Greetings H-Florida Members!

I am happy to announce that Jody Noll has joined the H-Florida editing staff as a digital resource editor. In this position, she will curate digital material that may be of interest to list members. This information will be made available to list members on the H-Florida page.

Underwater Archaelogy Students Publish Online Field School Journal from Biscayne National Park

Ten years ago the MUA launched its first online project journal. It was possibly the first online underwater archaeology field school journal written by students ever published on the web. Students from East Carolina University (ECU) wrote about their training in field techniques but also learned what it meant to address a public audience.

Reviewers and Editors

Greetings H-Florida Colleagues,

The editors of H-Florida are seeking reviewers and editors. Currently, we have a good selection of books available for review. If you are interested, please contact Jeanine at the email address below. If you have not reviewed for H-Florida, please include a short cv with your contact information.