The purpose of H-Eugenics is to provide a forum for the history of eugenics. This includes discussion of primary and secondary sources related to the history of eugenics; discussion or debate on specific aspects of the history of eugenics as they occur to list participants; ideas for books, articles, courses, or other scholarly projects on the history of eugenics; reviews of books and other scholarly literature related to the history of eugenics; and discussion of the relationship of 21st century biomedical procedures and genetic modification to eugenics ( i.e., "neo-eugenics").


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Workshop: Race, Sex, and Reproduction in the Global South, c.1800-2000, Sydney, 18-19 April 2017

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An international workshop at the University of Sydney, 18-19 April 2017
Conveners: Warwick Anderson (Sydney), Chiara Beccalossi (Lincoln), Hans Pols (Sydney)
Sponsored by Race and Ethnicity in the Global South, an ARC Laureate Research Program, and the
Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science