The purpose of H-Eugenics is to provide a forum for the history of eugenics. This includes discussion of primary and secondary sources related to the history of eugenics; discussion or debate on specific aspects of the history of eugenics as they occur to list participants; ideas for books, articles, courses, or other scholarly projects on the history of eugenics; reviews of books and other scholarly literature related to the history of eugenics; and discussion of the relationship of 21st century biomedical procedures and genetic modification to eugenics ( i.e., "neo-eugenics").


Recent Content

Free Lecture: Black, "Eugenics and the Ethics of Human Engineering" (October 6)

Edwin Black will be speaking on the ethics of human engineering on Thursday, October 6, at 7:00pm. The talk, co-sponsored by Brown University's Center for Language Studies, will take place in the Metcalf Research Building, Friedman Auditorium (Room 101), 190 Thayer St. 


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Free Lecture: Reilly, "Eugenics: An Historical Perspective" (November 6)

Philip Reilly will be speaking on the historical dimensions of eugenics on Sunday, November 6, at 2:00pm. The talk, hosted by the Cold Spring Harbor Laborator, will take place in the Grace Auditorium.


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Eugenics on the Web: Media Round-Up

The H-Eugenics Media Roundup series showcases recent reviews, blogs, articles, and op-eds. If something here piques your interest—or if you saw something that we missed—respond directly to this discussion thread or contact Kathleen Brian ( about writing a blog post or scholarly review.