The purpose of H-Eugenics is to provide a forum for the history of eugenics. This includes discussion of primary and secondary sources related to the history of eugenics; discussion or debate on specific aspects of the history of eugenics as they occur to list participants; ideas for books, articles, courses, or other scholarly projects on the history of eugenics; reviews of books and other scholarly literature related to the history of eugenics; and discussion of the relationship of 21st century biomedical procedures and genetic modification to eugenics ( i.e., "neo-eugenics").


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Conference Announcement: Histories of Anthropology: Transforming Knowledge and Power (1870-1970)

Histories of Anthropology: Transforming Knowledge and Power (1870-1970)

University of Cambridge, 18-19 September 2017

Keynote Speaker: Sadiah Qureshi (Birmingham)


The rise of anthropology as an academic discipline transformed the development of cognate disciplines and the interaction of power and knowledge in the modern world. This two-day conference will explore these two themes in terms of the social, intellectual and political history of anthropology, ranging in scale from the local to the transnational and global.

Upcoming Talks by Edwin Black

For those of you in the Battle Creek and Grand Rapids areas of Michigan, Edwin Black is going to be giving a series of talks. This includes "Nazi Policy and Black Victims--from Africa to Berlin to North Carolina" ( and "How IBM Co-Planned and Co-Organized the Holocaust" ( Both talks are going to be held on Thursday, April 20.

CFApplications: PhD positions, Uppsala University, Sweden

This post originally appeared in H-Sci-Med-Tech


5 PhD positions at Uppsala University, Sweden

The Department of History of Science and Ideas at Uppsala University invites applications for 5 PhD positions. We are searching for applicants with a Master’s degree in the humanities or social sciences that is relevant to research in history of science.

Deadline for applications are May 31, 2017.