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New Active History Project: Putting the Trump Environmental Transition in Perspective

On behalf of a new group of scholars, the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative, I'd like to invite the participation of environmental historians in a a project we're undertaking.   As part of a report we are preparing on the first 100 days of the Trump Administration, we're hoping to offer some historical and comparative perspective on what will have transpired.  I'd welcome your help, first of all, with a review of the relevant historical literature.

Call for Papers - Workshop for the History of Environment, Agriculture, Technology & Science (WHEATS)

WHEATS 2017:

Workshop for the History of Environment, Agriculture, Technology & Science

October 13-15, 2017

University at Albany, History Department


Call for Books and Reviewers

Dear all,

Fritz Davis and I are getting the H-Envirohealth book reviews section started and we'd like to ask for your help.  We're looking for suggestions of recent works for either stand alone or multibook reviews.  We're also looking for classic works in the field that could for the basis for a roundtable discussion evaluating how those books continue to speak to contemporary concerns.  I've created a google sheet that you can edit directly using this link:

Annotated Version of Scott Pruitt's First Speech to the EPA, February 21, 2017

Below you will find the introduction--and here is the link--to an annotated guide to Scott Pruitt’s first address to the EPA on behalf of a new group, the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, founded by environmentally interested academics including some historians. With the attached annotated commentary, EDGI scholars seek to explicate and decode the messages sent by the new Administrator and place them in a larger, more genuinely hisstor