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ANN: The Late Ottoman and Russian Empires (NEH Seminar)

We invite applications to a National Endowment of the Humanities Summer Seminar for College and University Teachers, The Ottoman and Russian Empires: Citizenship, Belonging and Difference, to be held at George Washington University, June 9-27, 2014. Scholars working and teaching in their own areas are historiographies are encouraged to apply. Projects need not be comparative (involve Russian comparison for the Ottomanists or vice versa).

INQUIRY: The making (drafting/thinking) of the 1763 Royal Proclamation


I'm a lawyer who is doing a PhD at the University of Ottawa (History Department), and I'm looking into the 1763 'nuts and bolts' of the decision-making and drafting of the Royal Proclamation of that same year.  I have identified a number of books and articles which only deal in passing with what I am looking for (including their bibliographies e.g. Jennings, Dowd, Shannon, Calloway, Hinderaker, Richter, Benton, ...). Neither have I found (yet?) satisfactory website links to access primary sources dealing with this specific moment of history.


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