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CFP: American Society for Environmental History (Seattle, March 30 - April 3 2016)

Cross-post from H-Environment

I am looking for additional papers/I hope to join a panel (ASEH 2016) focusing on national parks/wilderness/imperialism within a global sense. My own work is tied to Africa. Please email me directly at Martin.Kalb[at]nau.edu for questions/suggestions.

Thank you.

ANN: New and Forthcoming Publications

Dear H-Empire members,

Please continue to send me new and forthcoming publications so that I can include them in this recurrent series of posts.

This is a list of new and forthcoming publications by members:


Tim Buchen and Malte Rolf (eds.), Eliten im Vielvölkerreich /Elites and Empire Imperiale Biographien in Russland und Österreich-Ungarn (1850-1918)/ Imperial Biographies in Russia and Austria-Hungary (1850-1918) (Munich: Oldenbourg, 2015)


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