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Inquiry re East India Company surgeon Thomas Coats, Bombay service

Dear colleagues,

I write in the hope that you can guide me to information about a surgeon in the English East India Company service in Bombay Presidency.

I insert the information I have below in case it may jog someone's memory.

He was definitely in Poona (modern Pune) c.1806-1820. He published a pioneering village study in the Transactions of the Literary Society of Bombay Vol. 3 (1823) - all three volumes of this journal are now on Google Books.

FINAL CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Gender and Global Warfare in the Twentieth Century

Call for Abstracts:  Special Issue of Gender & History Volume 28:3 (November 2016) on "Gender and Global Warfare in the Twentieth Century"

Edited by Louise Edwards (UNSW Australia), Martha Hanna (University of Colorado), and Patricia M. E. Lorcin (University of Minnesota).

CFP: The Specter of Peace in Histories of Violence, August 14-15, 2015

The Tanner Humanities Center is pleased to sponsor a two-day interdisciplinary conference addressing the entangled relationship between peace and violence in the colonial Americas. The conference will define “peace” broadly, framing it as a discourse on governance and as a set of disciplinary practices aimed at shaping, regulating, or limiting violence. Our contention is that scholars underappreciate the importance of peace – both historically and as a category of analysis – to understanding how colonial Americans grappled with the problem of violence and warfare.

Third Conference of the Black Sea Project, The Economic and Social Development of the Port-Cities of the Southern Black Sea Coast, Late 18th – Beginning of the 20th century, History Department, Bogazici University, 23 - 26 October 2014

Third Conference of the Black Sea Project

The Economic and Social Development of the Port-Cities

of the Southern Black Sea Coast,

Late 18th– Beginning of the 20thcentury


Ionian University and Institute for Mediterranean Studies/FORTH

in collaboration with: Boğaziçi University



Reinforcement of the Interdisciplinary and/or Inter-institutional Research and Innovation


Ionian University: “The Black Sea and its port-cities, 18th-20th C.

Development, convergence and linkages with the global economy”


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