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Recent Discussions

CFP: Welfare state conference in Berlin, 9-10 July 2015

“Worlds of Welfare: An Interdisciplinary Conference at the Free University of Berlin”
9-10 July 2015, Berlin, Germany
Western welfarism has constituted statemaking in the most capacious sense; it has been both a culture and a politics, indeed a human event of epoch-making proportions, the more so retrospectively as it confronts renewed challenges post-2008.

PUB: Harleen Singh's The Rani of Jhansi: Gender, History, and Fable in India on New Books in South Asian Studies

Dear H-Empire,

In her beautifully written book The Rani of Jhansi: Gender, History, and Fable in India, Harleen Singh explores four representations of the famous warrior queen who led her troops into battle against the British in 1857, one of the watershed moments for the British Empire.

Harleen Singh discusses her book and future projects on the latest podcast from New Books in South Asian Studies. If you're interested you can take a listen here:

CFP: Writing Fieldwork (Princeton, April 2015)

A CFP which may be of interest to scholars working on the history of expeditions, travel writing, science and science in colonial/imperial spaces:


Writing Fieldwork: A symposium on writing in and about the field sciences

A Call for Papers

We invite contributions to a two-day symposium on fieldwork, its history, and the place of writing and texts within it, to be hosted by the Program in History of Science at Princeton University.

ANN: The ‘Virgin Lands Campaign’ in Kazakhstan, 1953-1970

Scholarship announcement for a research project on The ‘Virgin Lands Campaign’ in Kazakhstan, 1953-1970

Jacobs University Bremen is seeking a qualified PhD student (f/m) from Kazakhstan.

The research project is embedded in a larger research project on The International History of Rural Development since 1950 funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and coordinated by Marc Frey (Professor of Contemporary History/History of International Relations, Bundeswehr University Munich) and Corinna R. Unger (Professor of Modern European History, Jacobs University Bremen).


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