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NYC School System Records?

I'm trying to locate records and correspondence by Norman Allison Calkins, Assistant Superintendent of the New York City schools, 1862-1895.  During his long term in office he taught at the city normal school, conducted teaching institutes, served with the National Educational Association, and published widely on object teaching in the primary grades.  I've scoured the usual biographical reference sources, theses, and obituaries, but getting at the records of the school system is another matter.  I'd appreciate any leads as to where those records might be located; the city's education depar

Re: Seeking Historiographical Recommendations For a Project on Religious Education in the British World

Dear Prof. Jackson,

The first search result, appropriately, is your own ‘In Accord with British Traditions’: The Rise of Compulsory Religious Education in Ontario, Canada, and Victoria, Australia, 1945–50. By: Jackson, Stephen. Journal of Imperial & Commonwealth History. Nov2014, Vol. 42 Issue 4, p693-709.

Some others that may be helpful:

Re: Inquiry: College Student Voting, 1819-Present

Hi All,

Hopefully an expert on this topic chimes in, but to get the ball rolling, some of these may be of interest:

Assessing Voting Competence and Political Knowledge: Comparing Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries and "Average" College Students. By: Link, Jessica N.; Kropf, Martha; Hirsch, Mark Alexander; Hammond, Flora M.; Karlawish, Jason; Schur, Lisa; Kruse, Douglas; Davis, Christine S. Election Law Journal. 2012, Vol. 11 Issue 1, p52-69.

Inquiry: College Student Voting, 1819-Present

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I am working on a paper that examines voting for institutional residents in the US from 1819-present. Does anyone have recommendations for sources that discuss college student voting?
Thanks so much,
Rabia Belt, J.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Stanford Law School