H-Education seeks to link participants with shared interests in the history of education, broadly defined as a recognized field covering both formal and informal institutions and processes regarding teaching and learning. We anticipate that our audience will consist of university professors, independent scholars, educators, and graduate students, from diverse fields of study.

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Completed Doctorates 36(Fall 2015)

The editorial and advisory board of H-Education wants to recognize and congratulate newly-minted PhDs and EdDs and others who have taken for their research interest topics in educational history.  All of the following dissertations/theses were by scholars completing PhDs or EdDs (or equivalent doctoral degrees) in 2015, according to the ProQuest database.

cfp: Reflecting on Changes in Teaching

Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a special issue focusing on development and change in teaching topics and pedagogical practices over the last 25 years. Transformations is a journal which invites college teachers to take pedagogy seriously as a topic of scholarly articles. It is an interdisciplinary forum for pedagogical scholarship exploring intersections of identities, power, and social justice.

WEB: Steven Sawchuk, "Scholars Lament Decline of Ed. History Courses in Teacher Prep"

From last week's Education Week; article begins:

"Once an ubiquitous course requirement that nearly all aspiring teachers took, the history of education seems to be going the way of land-line phones, floppy disks, and shorthand."

Steven Sawchuk, "Scholars Lament Decline of Ed. History Courses in Teacher Prep"