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Small request for anyone using GIM

Извините, пожалуйстa, а мне нужна какaя-нибудь электронная фотокопия ГИМ, Синод. No. 526, л. 185 об. Если кто-нибудь мог мне эту достать, я бы много благодарил. (И eсли я должен платить, могу.)

If аnyone is using GIM manuscripts could send me an image/copy of Sinod. No. 562, fol. 185r, I would be most grateful to you. (Аnd if I have to pay, I'll pay.)

Best to all ...

David Goldfrank (goldfrad@georgetown.edu).


Re: Small request for anyone using GIM

Dear David,

Have you tried to write to Natalia Zhukova at GIM (Наталия Жукова Государственный исторический музей Отдел зарубежных связей Телефон/факс:(495) 692-24-32 E-mail: zhukova_fordep@shm.ru; fordep@shm.ru)? She answered me very quickly regarding a similar request about a year ago.
Best wishes,
Agnes Kriza

Re: Uyghur script in a 15th-century Russian document

In addition to the article mentioned in the reply to the tweet, see - for further inscriptions - Morozov, D. A., ‘Uigurskie nadpisi moskovskikh d’iakov (dopolnenie k drevnerusskoi diplomatike)’, in: Pamiati Lukicheva. Sbornik statei po istorii i istochnikovedeniiu, ed. Iu. M. Eskin (Moscow: Drevlekhranilishche, 2006), 173-199

Simon Franklin

Uyghur script in a 15th-century Russian document

Hi all,

Noticed this fascinating tweet today, and the article it links to in the replies. Apparently this instance of Russian written in Uyghur script (the predecessor to Classical Mongolian and Manchu) in 1436 predates the earliest instances of Russian written in Greek or Latin characters. A nice tidbit for the Eurasianists.



Reminder: CFP 'Monarchy and Modernity, 1500-1945', University of Cambridge, 8-9 January 2019

The conference announced on the cfp below was originally designed for Europeanists, but was opened up to all world areas following multiple requests by non-Europeanists to participate. The cfp has therefore been revised and the deadline extended to August 15, 2018.