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The 17th-century Moscow publication of the Kormchaia kniga

E[lena] V[ladimorovna] Beliakova, L[iudmila] V[ladmirovna] Moshkova, and T[at’iana] A[natol’evna] Oparina. Kormchaia kniga: ot rukopisnoi traditsii k pechatnomu izdaniiu. Moskva; Sankt-Peterburg: Institut rossiiskoi istorii RAN; Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv drevnikh aktov; Tsentr gumanitarnykh initsiativ, 2017. 496 pp. + 16 color plates. ISBN 978-5-8055-0316-1.

Re: Irina Vasil’evna Pozdeeva on the history of Muscovite printed books

Daniel Waugh’s review raises many important issues related to early printing in Muscovy. One of them is the complex relationship between printed books and manuscripts. I could not agree more with Dan’s assessment of I. V. Pozdeeva’s enormous contribution to our understanding of this problem. However, the whole idea of juxtaposing printed and manuscript cultures, and correspondingly the debate about which culture had a greater impact on Muscovy seem to become increasingly irrelevant.