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On reviewing and Bogdanović’s new book

Jelena Bogdanović. The Framing of Sacred Space: The Canopy and the Byzantine Church. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017. xl + 411 pp. ISBN9780190465186.

Before explaining my enthusiasm for this remarkable new book, I shall inflict on readers a few musings about process which it has inspired and provide a disclaimer. Those who are impatient should scroll ahead or look for the “delete” button.

Lest we forget

I find myself at a stage in life where too often I turn to the obituaries pages in our local newspaper before reading anything else. I have been mentally drafting such a piece about myself, even though there is no reason to think it may be needed any time soon (or, when it is, read by anyone). The passing of two of our senior and much respected colleagues during the past year has been on my mind; perhaps it is not too late to add a personal tribute.