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New official website of "Российская история"

Dear all,

You may have already seen this, but I want to draw your attention that since July 2018 the journal "Российская история" (former "История СССР" and "Отечественная история") has its own website. There you can now find the archive issues of the journal for the years 2014-2017 in the open access, and they will certainly upload more.

Re: Chair for a session in Zagreb?

Good morning! I can't promise I can be there but I can certainly try... probably better to search for European colleagues. It seems like a very interesting conference, and I don't see any mention of it on HWar (which is really too bad because I'm sure lots of us there would have enjoyed the chance to submit papers) so if you post there about the conference then I'm sure you'll get a few more attendees, and probably be able to find a chairperson immediately. Alternatively if you have Twitter try #academictwitter and #twitterstorians and copy @ your local uni and host city...

Endangered Archives Programme Live Q&A Webinar – Friday 2 November 2018, 15.00-16.00 GMT

The British Library’s Endangered Archives Programme (EAP) is inviting grant applications to enable researchers to locate culturally important but vulnerable archival collections in areas of the world where resources are limited, to arrange their transfer wherever possible to a suitable local archival home, and to deliver digital copies into the international research domain via the British Library.