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Re: Porose?

Chris, Poros'e is an area in the South of Kiev between the rivers Stugna in the North and Ros' in the South.

Best, Wolfram

Re: Porose?

Hi Chris,

it seems to be south of Kiev, between the Stugna and the Ros' rivers. Towns like Torchesk and Vasiliev were part of it.

Re: Porose?


Right now I'm translating a chronicle (Pskov 3rd Chronicle) and I am running across this sort of problem all the time, particulaly regarding the locations of villages.  As mundane as it might sound, I find that just running a Google on the name in question often yields if not adequate results, then good hints on how to attack the problem further.  So -- if you run one on  Поросье, you should get quite a few answers with the answers that you need.  I've attached one below.

David Savignac

Re: Porose?

Small correction to the previous: actually, the alternative expression for Porose was, most often, not "po Rse," as I put in my previous post, but "po Rsi (по Рьси)." Also, best maps for Porose are porbably found in the works by S. A. Pletneva; I would check her article “Polovetskaia zemlia,” in L. G. Beskrovnyi, V. A. Kuchkin, B. T. Pashuto, eds., Drevnerusskie kniazhestva X-XIII vv. (Moscow: Nauka, 1975). Unfortunately, I don't have the book with me right now.

Re: Porose?

Porose (Поросье) was the strip of land along the Ros river, a tributary of the Dnieper, which you will easily find on any map. The inhabitants of Porose are sometimes referred to as поршане. Also, when you encounter the expression "po R(o)si" - "along the Ros river" - this is a reference to the same territory. One interesting feature of Porosem is that since at least 1140s it was home of the Chernye Klobuki.