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On Nil Sorskii's Sources

First I want to thank Daniel Waugh for bringing so many new books to our attention, including the ninth of the Knizhnye tsentry Drevnei Rusi series, this one devoted to Kirillov-Belozerskii (Knizhnye tsentry Drevnei Rusi. Knizhniki i rukopisi Kirillo-Belozerskogo monastyria -  2014).

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New book: Filiushkin on the invention of the Livonian War

Posted by Daniel Waugh <dwaugh@u.washington.edu>

New book: Filiushkin on the invention of the Livonian War

A[leksandr] I[l’ich] Filiushkin. Izobretaia pervuiu voinu Rossi ii Evropy. Baltiiskie voiny vtoroi poloviny XVI v. glazami sovremennikov i potomkov. Studiorum Slavicorum Orbis, vyp. 6. Sankt-Peterburg: “Dmitrii Bulanin”, 2013. 880 pp., 282 ill., maps. ISBN 978-5-86007-726-3

Russian History, TofC, 41 No. 2, 2014

Russian History 41, No. 2, 2014

Russia Beyond the Traditional Boundaries: Essays in Honor of David M. Goldfrank Part II and III

Guest Editors: Michael G. Smith, Isaiah Gruber, and Sandra Pujals

Part II

Paul du Quenoy, Arabs under Tsarist Rule: The Russian Occupation of Beirut, 1773-1774

Mikhail Mamedov, From Civilizing Mission to Defensive Frontier: The Russian Empire's Changing Views of the Caucasus (1801-1864)