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Moscow Estates: Bykovo

From William Brumfield:

My current article for Russia beyond the Headlines is devoted to Bykovo, a country estate just south of Moscow with a grand manor house and a church that is one of the best examples of the Gothic Revival style in Russia:  http://rbth.com/travel/2015/02/20/the_bykovo_estate_gothic_fantasy_at_the_edge_of_moscow_4...
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New volumes: V. N. Toporov on Mythology

New volumes: V. N. Toporov on Mythology

Posted by Daniel C. Waugh <dwaugh@u.washington.edu>

V[ladimir] N[ikolaevich] Toporov. Mifologiia. Stat’i dlia mifologicheskikh entsiklopedii. Predislovie Viach.Vs. Ivanova. 2 vols. Moskva: Iazyki slavianskoi kul’tury: Znak, 2014. 600 pp. + 14 plates; 536 pp. + 16 plates. ISBN 978-5-9551-0742-4; 978-5-990-5856-4-5.