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My current article for Russia beyond the Headlines is devoted to the Moscow regional town of Zaraisk, whose rich cultural heritage includes Fyodor Dostoevky and the sculptor Anna Golubkina:  http://rbth.com/arts/2015/05/15/zaraisk_ancient_citadel_tied_to_pozharsky_dostoevsky_and_g...
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Shelf mark for Hermann of Reichenau on the marriage of Oda of Stade and Sviatoslav Yaroslavich in 1072?

Dear colleagues,

I am a PhD student at the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto (but currently in Berlin), working on Orthodox/Catholic intermarriage in Kievan Rus. I was wondering whether I might ask whether any one would know where I could look to find a list of extant manuscripts of Herman of Reichenau's Continuatio Sangallensis.