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New Book: Posol’skaia kniga … Moskovskogo gos. s Krymom 1567-1572

Posol’skaia kniga po sviaziam Moskovskogo gosudarstva s Krymom 1567-1572 gg. Otv. red. M. V. Moiseev; podgot. teksta A. V. Malov, O. S. Smirnova; stat’i, komment. A. V. Vinogradov, I. V. Zaitsev, A. V. Malov, M. V. Moiseev. Moskva: fond “Russkie Vitiazi, 2016. 400 pp. [On the cover, indication of series “Krymskoe khanstvo v istochnikakh”; at head of title page: Institut Rossiiskoi istorii RAN.] ISBN 978-5-990-87-48-4-8.

New publication on Ivan Fedorov and early Cyrillic printing

Forwarded from Sergei Bogatyrev:

Dear All,


It is my pleasure to announce the publication of this collection which completes a joint project of UCL and the British Library on Ivan Fedorov and early printing. For other activities of the project, see here



and here