H-EarlySlavic is a forum for the discussion of Slavic history, literature, and culture before 1725. It is focused primarily on East Slavic (Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian) regions, though West and South Slavic areas will also be considered.

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Two new publications from B. L. Fonkich

Two new publications from B. L. Fonkich.

B[oris] L[‘vovich] Fonkich. Issledovaniia po grecheskoi paleografii i kodikologii: IV-XIX vv. Monfokon, Vyp. 3. Moskva: Rukopisnye pamiatniki Drevnei Rusi, 2014. 888 pp. + 64 pp. plates. ISBN 978-5-9905759-4-3.

Spetsial’nye istoricheskie distsipliny. Vyp. 1. Otv. red. B. L. Fonkich. Moskva: Institut vseobshchei istorii RAN, 2014. 612 pp. ISBN 978-5-94067-419-1.