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Re: Vocational Rehabilitation Scholarship History-- query

I would imagine that it would be a part of Social Security. The original Smith-Fess Act had too many restrictions. Though the state could cover some educational costs, most of what it allowed, originally, was purely in the form of job training. They could cover a class or two but not a whole college experience. That would come later. This is my own dissertation research, so I'm happy to share it.

Jared Norwood
University of Montana

Michelle Jarman, Leila Monaghan, Alison Quaggin Harkin, eds.
Henry C. Alphin Jr

Alphin Jr on Jarman and Monaghan and Harkin, 'Barriers and Belonging: Personal Narratives of Disability'

Michelle Jarman, Leila Monaghan, Alison Quaggin Harkin, eds. Barriers and Belonging: Personal Narratives of Disability. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2017. 286 pp. $94.50 (cloth), ISBN 978-1-4399-1387-1.

Reviewed by Henry C. Alphin Jr (Drexel University) Published on H-Disability (March, 2018) Commissioned by Iain C. Hutchison (University of Glasgow)

Robert Bogdan Disability Collection at Yale

Yale University’s Medical Historical Library is pleased to announce the acquisition of an important collection of ephemera, photographs, and rare books related to disability, the Robert Bogdan Disability Collection.

Professor Robert Bogdan started collecting disability ephemera in early 1980s in order to advance his research and writing. As Bogdan began collecting he realized that although there were archives and collections related to specific aspects of disability and particular disability-related organizations, none took a broad Disability Studies approach.