H-Disability is a scholarly network that explores the multitude of historical issues surrounding the experience and phenomenon of 'disability.' H-Disability was established in response to the growing academic interest and expanding scholarly literature on issues of disability throughout the world.

Recent Content

Call for Papers: Embodied and Socially Constructed?: Dis/ability in Media, Law, and History

We invite proposals for papers to be included in a symposium and an edited book entitled, Embodied and socially constructed?:  Dis/ability in media, law, and history. The symposium will be held at Suffolk University, Boston, from July 29-31, 2020. We anticipate the anthology will publish at the beginning of 2021.

Call for Papers: Dis/ability and Culture in German-speaking Europe

Profound personal and social shame about deviation from the normate has, historically, led to silence about disability, yet representations of disability can nevertheless be found in cultural texts since antiquity. Disability Studies takes a critical perspective on such cultural representations of disability. The field uses a cultural studies-orientated approach to reveal ways in which dis/ability is the product or the effect of discursive structures of power and knowledge. Dis/ability is therefore understood as a cultural construct that is subject to historical transformations.