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Re: March of Dimes Archives

I may have been the last to visit the archives (I wanted to get there before they moved in case there wasn't an opportunity to see these materials again), but I'm afraid I don't have much of an update beyond echoing some of the uncertainty. When I went, the building was getting pretty empty as the organization prepared to move, and David Rose was unsure about what the plans for the archive were, though obviously he was a strong advocate for their continued use and preservation. It would be awful if they never became available again, but the situation doesn't seem very reassuring.

March of Dimes Archives

Does anyone know the fate of the March of Dimes Archive? My understanding is that the MoD headquarters in White Plains is closing; the archives are being shipped to Arlington, VA; the current archivist, David Rose, is not going and does not know if the archives will continue to be available to researchers.  

Lisa Pruitt