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H-Disability is a scholarly network that explores the multitude of historical issues surrounding the experience and phenomenon of 'disability.' H-Disability was established in response to the growing academic interest and expanding scholarly literature on issues of disability throughout the world.

Recent Content

LECTURE: Sufian on "Risk, Disability, and the History of Adoption in America" (Berkeley, 23 April)

Lecture by Sandy Sufian:

"Risk, Disability, and the History of Adoption in America"

Wednesday, 4/23, 12-1:30, 150 University Hall, UC Berkeley

Fellowship Opportunity at UMass Boston


Please consider the following fellowship with a focus on public education sponsored by UMass Boston's Humanities Center.

WEB: Annessa Stagner on WWI soldiers and shell shock (C-Span interview)

Video on C-Span right now:
"University of California, Irvine doctoral candidate Annessa Stagner talked about World War I soldiers and shell shock in this interview conducted at the 2014 American Historical Association conference in Washington, DC."

Issues at DS-Hum

Because the subscriber bases for H-Disability and DS-Hum have some overlap, I've agreed to share a message from Virginia Bemis (the DS-Hum moderator) about what's happening over there.  Apparently, if your message gets rejected or you get unsubscribed, it's not your fault--there's something going on with their server.  (She mentions Yahoo below, but it might be other addresses too, from what I'm hearing.) They're trying to fix it. 

Here's the message from Virginia:

Dear listers
We have a terrible problem with Yahoo.  Just about everybody with a Yahoo address is getting messages bounced back, and several have been unsubscribed from the list by the UMD server robot.  We're trying to fix it, but it may take a while.