The Association for History and Computing (AHC) exists to encourage and maintain interest in the use of computers in all types of historical studies at all levels, in both teaching and research.

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New American History Podcast

Some of you might be interested in a new American history podcast. Called "American History Untucked," the podcast is a conversation about and by American history and American historians. It’s about history, but it’s also about the historian’s background, their experiences, what they’ve learned doing history. It’s about time in the archives, about the writing process, about teaching, doing public history, engaging with all different kinds of audiences.

Conferencea: Digital humanities (Paris, 19 May 2014) & North American Studies in France and Europe (Paris, 4-6 June 2014)

Digital humanities Paris May 19th, 2014

De la diversité des humanités numériques : une exploration des pratiques
(MOOC, GIS ...)
Journée d'étude EHESS 105, boulevard Raspail    75006 Paris, France

Colloquium: Exploration and contextualization – towards reusable tools for the humanities (Utrecht, 22 May 2014)

At the next Translantis/AsymEnc colloquium (Thursday 22 May 2014, 3.30-5.00pm, Muntstraat 2a, room 1.11, Utrecht, the Netherlands), Marc Bron (Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University), will give a talk titled Exploration and contextualization: towards reusable tools for the humanities. All welcome!