The H-DigiRhet network will provide an online discussion space for teachers, researchers, and scholars who are working at the intersections of writing, rhetoric, communication, and digital technologies, focusing on issues of digital composition, computer-mediated communication (CMC), digital literacy, information and communication technologies (ICTs), human-computer interaction (HCI) and digital rhetoric.

Recent Content

"Convergences among Digital and Environmental Humanities" Conference

On November 3-4, the Institute for Humanities Research (Arizona State University) will have the privilege of hosting the 2016 Western Humanities Alliance Conference, "Convergences among Digital and Environmental Humanities." Throughout the day, panelists and participants will explore the potential of environmental and digital humanities collaborations that could re-imagine how we analyze food, water, energy, and information as they intersect with long-

CFP: Journal of Computer Games and Communication

Journal of Computer Games and Communication

The scope of the journal includes the study of a variety of different Computer-Mediated Communication Systems, such as game design, technical knowledge, artificial intelligence, psychology of gaming, uses of advanced technology information systems, cultural computing, players, game development and architectures, virtual reality, interactive games, mobile gaming, game and ethics, games and society, digital entertainment, creative industry, game programming and audio and visual design.