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Radboud Group for Historical Demography Summer School: Reconstructing Life Course Dynamics

Recent advances in historical demographic research have placed great emphasis on longitudinal micro-level approaches of all important aspects of demographic behaviour. In other words, historical demographic phenomena need to be studied within the context of life course analysis. This approach involves the complex handling of large amounts of dymanic individual-level data; as a result complicated database management techniques have become a crucial component of the tool kit of historical demographers.

CFP Present-day Eugenics - Deadline extended to Feb 22, 2017

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Present-day Eugenics

Call for papers for a monographic issue of «Contemporanea. Rivista di storia dell’800 e del ’900»

Eugenics has long been an area of particular interest for research being a complex historical phenomenon, in which science, ideologies, power and policy dynamics intertwine.