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Press Release: Social Explorer Exhibit U.S. Population: A Map of Diversity Now Open at Ellis Island Museum


Today the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration opened The Peopling of America Center, a multifaceted collection that explores the entire panorama of the American immigration experience.

The new center features major exhibitions that chronicle immigration to America before the processing station at Ellis Island opened in 1892 and after it closed in 1954.

Locating Coale & Watkins indices of fertility for C19 England?

I'm doing a panel study on infant mortality in England and Wales, 1851-1911, and want to use fertility as an independent variable. While I could simply use GFR as my measure, it would be better to reproduce the approach of Woods, Watterson and Woodward (1989) by using Coale and Watkins' index If of total fertility. My question is whether anyone knows of a good data set which provides this for England and Wales by Registration District.

Web Resource: Visualizations of Twentieth Century Demography

[Ed. note (PBK): Thanks to our friends at H-Histbibl for noticing this intriguing resource.]

A Digital Reading of Twentieth Century Demography

Emily Klancher Merchant, a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan, has published online a digital supplement to her dissertation:

Several ways to Explore Demographic Data Over time

Working with the Censu Bureau we have created a series of Census Explorer Visualizations.  The last one of which tracked the changing Fortunes of Young Adults (those 18-34) in 1980, 1990, 2000, 2009-2013.  All can be accessed here.

A more full blown system for examing Census Data over time, is the tool Social Explorer

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