H-Death is a scholarly network that explores the multitude of historical issues surrounding the process and experience of dying and death. The H-Death network will allow scholars to compare and contrast the processes and experiences of dying and death across time and space, including American, European and non-Western contexts.

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New Book announcement: Carved in Stone, Etched in Memory


I would like to draw your attention to my recently published book with Ashgate, Carved in Stone, Etched in Memory: Death, Tombsones and Commemoration in Bosnian Islam.

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Amila Buturovic

York University, Toronto

Mortal Dilemmas

My new book,Mortal Dilemmas: The Troubled Landscape of Death in America (Left Coast Press), is now available. Written for a general audience, I consider some of the persistent conflicts that occur during dying and after death.  While I focus on the United States, there are also many cross-cultural examples. There are chapters on the debate about physician assisted death, the management of persons in vegetative states, disputes over brain death, the medicalization of grief and the problems of remembering the dead.