H-Death is a scholarly network that explores the multitude of historical issues surrounding the process and experience of dying and death. The H-Death network will allow scholars to compare and contrast the processes and experiences of dying and death across time and space, including American, European and non-Western contexts.

Recent Content

Call for Book Chapters (Edited Collection): A Reflexive study of the Rituals Associated with Death and Dying (working title)

The editors wish to put together an interdisciplinary collection of essays that utilize reflexive scholarly inquiry to interrogate cultural responses to death by gathering essays that analyze various aspects of death while at the same time acknowledging that death affects us all. Any study on the topic cannot be decontextualized. We must all necessarily grapple with loss and mortality as we examine cultural responses to death.

CFP Migrant Death: Past & Present Community Responses to the End of Life

Call for Workshop Papers on theme of "Migrant Death: Past & Present Community Responses to the End of Life"

The Workshop is part of the 15TH ETMU CONFERENCE: VULNERABILITY, RESILIENCE AND RESISTANCE IN DIVERSE SOCIETIES, being held 15-16th November 2018 at Åbo Akademi University, in beautiful Turku, Finland.