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Before the Freedom Riders: The Fight to Integrate Glen Echo Amusement Park

Radical black students, leftist white suburbanites, and a carousel.  In the summer of 1960, just miles from the U.S. Capitol, a newly-formed organization of Howard University students sat down on Glen Echo Amusement Park’s historic, whites-only carousel. They were joined by a largely Jewish community of civil servants, labor organizers, and young families. Together, this unprecedented coalition took on the park owners, Jim Crow, the American Nazi Party, and the Supreme Court.

Historic Landmark Nominations Received and Filed for Hearing

Greetings:   The DC Historic Preservation Office recently received and filed for hearing four historic landmark nominations:


18-12   Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School, 4301 13th Street NW (ANC 4C)

•             Nominated DC Department of General Services (owner)


18-13   MacFarland Junior High School, 4400 Iowa Avenue NW (ANC 4C)

•             Nominated DC Department of General Services (owner)


18-14    Petworth Neighborhood Library, 4200 Kansas Avenue NW (ANC 4C)