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Revised HPRB Agenda/Live Video Webcast - February 1, 2018

The Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) meeting of  will begin at 9:30 am. HPRB meets at 441 4th Street NW (One Judiciary Square), in Room 220 South. The building is adjacent to the 4th Street entrance of the Judiciary Square Metro station.

View the webcast beginning at 9:30 am at: https://planning.dc.gov/node/905332


DC Legal History

            Although it sometimes seems like everyone in Washington is a lawyer, the DC Bar Association claims only 100,000 members.  That translates into a mere 15% of the city’s population.  There are at least three legal history societies in Washington though.  The Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit focuses on the history of the several federal courts of general jurisdiction in the city beginning when the capital was moved here in 1800.  Its holdings, including historical articles, oral histories, photographs of the judges, and books, are made public on its webs

Revised HPRB Agenda - February 1, 2018

The revised agenda for February 1, 2018 is posted on our website at https://planning.dc.gov/node/1299266 and copied below.




Please Note: The agenda for February 1 has changed:


The Capitol Hill HD case 400 D Street SE continues from the January 25 docket.


Two landmark hearings and related concept cases - PEPCO Substation No. 13 PEPCO and Substation No. 25 move to Feb.1. They were originally scheduled for January 25.