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Slave Labor in the Capital Blog

History Press has just published my new book, Slave Labor in the Capital, which describes the use of slave labor to build the Capitol and White House during the most difficult phase of construction from 1792 to 1800. When I left Washington in 1994, I made the fateful decision to take all the research materials I accumulated while writing my 1991 book, Through a Fiery Trial, which is a general history of the city's early development.

HPRB Live Video Webcast - November 20 2014

Greetings:   Tomorrow's HPRB hearing will be webcast live at 9:00 am. Citizens may view the hearing at this URL:   http://planning.dc.gov/node/568302  Please select "View Live Video".

The agenda and staff reports are accessible on our website at:   http://planning.dc.gov/node/946672



Bruce Yarnall

Operations and Grants Manager

DC Historic Preservation Office/Office of Planning

Old Georgetown Board - Preliminary List of Cases for December 4 2014




Please find below the preliminary agenda of the Georgetown Historic District cases received and expected to be reviewed at the next meeting of the Old Georgetown Board, U.S. Commission of Fine Arts.  Please note that some cases may be removed from the draft agenda if the supplemental information is not submitted on time.