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Raze Applications Received by HPO 02 11 2015


Raze permit applications recently submitted to the Historic Preservation Office for an administrative clearance are filed on the HPO website at:  http://planning.dc.gov/node/958402   under "Attachments" see February 11 2015 entry.   HPO provides this general public announcement because of the frequent neighborhood interest in raze applications.

 Addresses included in this report:

4501 Bowen Road SE (ANC 7E) – commercial garage structure

1251 F Street NE (ANC 6A) –  dwelling

Revised HPO Monthly Public Notice - February 2015

Greetings:  In our initial post of February 5 for the HPO Notice, two associated cases for the Blagden Alley-Naylor Court Historic District did not appear. The cases are listed below:


            Blagden Alley-Naylor Court

2-F       1212 9th Street NW, HPA 14-374, revised concept/new 4-story w/bridge to 917 M Street (Meyer)

2-F       917 M Street NW, HPA 14-373, revised concept/new 4-story w/ bridge to 1212 9th Street (Meyer)

B&O Old Main Line Explorer Study Tour - May 9, 2015 (DCNRHS)

DCNRHS is pleased to announce The Old Main Line Explorer Study Tour on May 9.

Tucked away in a series of river and stream valleys, is the Baltimore & Ohio’s Old Main Line. Still operated as part of the CSX system, it is a heavy duty freight railroad handling coal, grain, oil and other traffic east or west between Point of Rocks, Maryland and Baltimore.