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Historic Landmark Nominations Received and Filed for Hearing

Greetings:   The DC Historic Preservation Office recently received and filed for hearing four historic landmark nominations:


17-14   Saint Paul’s College – 3015 4th Street NE (ANC 5E)

  • Nominated by St. Paul on Fourth Street, Inc. (owner)  


17-15   Homestead Apartments – 812 Jefferson Street NW (ANC 4D)

  • Nominated by Hampstead Jefferson Partners LP (owner)    


17-16   “4315-4351 Harrison Street NW”  (ANC 3E)

             4315,4319, 4323, 4327, 4331, 4335, 4339, 4343, 4347, 4351 Harrison Street NW

Revised HPRB Agenda and Live Video Webcast - July 27 and August 3, 2017

View tomorrow’s HPRB Hearing webcast beginning at 10:00 am at: https://planning.dc.gov/node/905332 


The  Revised Agenda (listed below) and related staff reports are posted on the HPO website at: https://planning.dc.gov/node/1258066 


Please Note:   Two cases, one for each date, are no longer on the Agenda. The start time for both dates also changes.


July 27 - The meeting will open at 10:00 am.


Raze applicationed filed - corrected address

In my report earlier today, there was a typo in the email for the raze application in ANC 8A. The report posted online listed the correct address - 2311  Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE


The correct address follows:



Greetings: This report is also posted on our website at http://tinyurl.com/h9nn5nf . See Raze Permit Report – July 13, 2017.