H-Communal Societies is concerned with topics related to intentional communities, including the academic study of communities, participation and membership in them, and curatorship and other activities related to the preservation of historic communal sites and artifacts.

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Index to <i>Communal Societies</i>

The Communal Studies Association has posted my index to Communal Societies online at http://www.communalstudies.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Index-to-Communal-Societies-Vols-1-34-1-Sargent.pdf. If anyone notices corrections that need to be made (there are always errors), please contact me at lyman.sargent@umsl.edu.




Lyman Tower Sargent

Learn to Read Old German Script in North Carolina (cross-post from H-NC)

Learn to Read Old German Script in North Carolina [discussion]

    Title: Learn to Read Old German Script in NC

    Location: North Carolina

    Date: 2015-05-15

    Description: Course designed for researchers with strong

       foundation in German who want to learn to read 18th and

Center for Communal Studies Annual Prizes and Research Travel Award



Annual Prizes
The Center for Communal Studies at the University of Southern Indiana annually invites submissions for its prize competition for the best undergraduate and graduate student papers on historic or contemporary communal groups, intentional communities and utopias. Submissions may come from any academic discipline and should be focused on a topic clearly related to contemporary or historic communal groups or utopias.