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Re: Were African Americans drafted under the 1863 Militia Act?

This has been an extremely enlightening exchange, one that has forced me to think more clearly about the crucial distinctions that need to be kept in mind.

Regional distinctions were clearly important. Were blacks drafted in the North? In the Border States? In the Confederate States? The procedures, formal and informal, varied from place to place. What was true of Massachusetts may not have been true of Maryland, and what was true of Maryland may not have been true of Mississippi.

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Civil War symposium on monuments considers "America's Most Honored Traitor" and some "Modest Proposals"

By KATHERINE CALOS Richmond Times-Dispatch
Feb 25, 2017

What did it mean then — and now?

What, if anything, do we do about it?

Some answers were suggested Saturday in the annual Civil War Symposium organized by the American Civil War Museum and held at the Library of Virginia.

Re: Were African Americans drafted under the 1863 Militia Act?

My sincere thanks to contributors for the care and attention they've given to my query which, contra Oakes, never "narrowed."  This thread got to the current point by dealing with the same question it started with: whether African Americans were drafted "under the procedures detailed in the Militia Act of 1863."  Oakes points out in his first reply that Congress knew that slave states would not draft free blacks via local draft boards and therefore "empowered the War Department to raise black troops on its own."  As we've seen in Crane's and Oakes's research, "raising" troops cover