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Re: Union Enlistment by Year

As you probably know, the difficulty in determining enlistments by year lies in the fact that enlistments are more often grouped by the various troop calls (such as the "300,000 more" call of July 1862), which could last beyond a year as states took time to meet their quotas. However you may find this information or at least make estimates from the tables in James Geary's "We Need Men" and Eugene Murdock's "Patriotism Limited."

Union Enlistment by Year


I am looking for a quality source that has the number of men who enlisted in the Union Army for each year of the war. Alternately, it could note the percentage of men who enlisted per year. I have found a figure of 421,000 for 1862 but no statistics for other years

Thanks in advance,

Robert Gudmestad

Colorado State University

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