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Re: Were African Americans drafted under the 1863 Militia Act?

This legislative language looks like the Enrollment Act of March, 1863. This addressed federal conscription and was passed after the problems of the Militia Act of 1862, which passed around June or so. This earlier act specified a state operated draft for militia units to meet any call-ups by the President. In August, 1862, Lincoln called up 300,000 nine month state militia. Partly this call up was to goad more men to volunteer for the previous call for 300,000 3-year service men for the volunteer regiments.

Re: Were African Americans drafted under the 1863 Militia Act?

I did a close study of an area in western Kentucky on the Ohio River and the slave population there was not entered into the Union draft until early 1864. I suspect that was the same scenario for the rest of the Bluegrass State. Local whites were irate that their names were literally mixed in the same box with their slave's names.
Mike Crane, UAFS

1850s readings for UG course

I teach an upper-level undergraduate course that covers 1848-1877 and I would like to ask for suggestions for books on the 1850s that you have assigned to undergraduates that confront sectional controversies in some way, and is less than 250 pages. I have a predilection for legal issues, but I am wide open as to topic. If you have had good experience in class with such a book, please post. Thanks.

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