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The End of the Civil War College Course?

A recent survey by one of my colleagues revealed that the American Civil War course is an endangered species on college campuses -- he found that many major universities no longer offer it as a standalone subject.  If this really is a trend (and he admitted that the survey he conducted was an informal and unsystematic one), what does this mean for teaching this subject?  Is it being absorbed into or left to other courses, say, on the growth of the state, the history of warfare, military history, slavery and emancipation, the US survey, etc.?

Peter Knupfer


The American Civil War on the Commons

The table below offers a collection of materials outside H-Civwar from across H-Net that are tagged "American Civil War" "Abraham Lincoln" "emancipation" "Reconstruction" "civil war" "confederacy."  We will add keywords to the harvesting engine as we refine them over time.  The listing here is not exhaustive and will inevitably contain spurious results (the Spanish Civil War, for example).