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Gettysburg Contested: Brian Black

Being new to H-Civwar, did look thru a few pages of prior posts to gain some awareness of materials and subjects present upon the List.

Was also looking to find one that would fit with this one item which would like to offer to list. As a sometimes coin and stamp collector, happened to obtain this set of 3 Lincoln coins memoralizing Pres. Lincoln and two of the Battles during the Civil War. One of them depicts a scene about 1st Bull Run. 

Re: Document Reader for CW/Recon lecture course

I have used both
The Civil War Era: An Anthology of Sources
by Lyde Cullen-Sizer (Editor), Jim Cullen

Major Problems in the Civil War and Reconstruction (Major Problems in American History Series) 3rd Edition
edited by Michael Perman and Amy Murrell Taylor (the latter editor is left off of the Amazon site.....)

both are available in paperback