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James M. McPherson
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Wexler on McPherson, 'War on the Waters: The Union and Confederate Navies, 1861-1865'

James M. McPherson. War on the Waters: The Union and Confederate Navies, 1861-1865. Littlefield History of the Civil War Era Series. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2012. Maps. 277 pp. n.p. (cloth), ISBN 978-0-8078-3588-3.

Reviewed by Charles Wexler (Auburn University)
Published on H-CivWar (June, 2015)
Commissioned by Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz

A Brief Look at the Civil War at Sea

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Ex Parte Merryman

I have a chronology question. The answer may not be known or even knowable.

On May 28, 1861, during the morning, the U.S. Marshall went to Fort McHenry to serve an attachment against the Commander, George Cadwalader, for failing to produce Merryman as ordered by the court. The Marshall was turned away from the Fort's gate, and he was not admitted. 

There is also a document (letter? telegram?) that is dated May 28, 1861 from the Asst Adjutant General E.D. Townsend to Cadwalader giving the latter further instructions in regard to how to deal with the courts.