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Re: Causes of Secession Classroom Exercise

Jim Loewen is free to promote his book, but H-Civwar readers should know that the proceedings of all the secession conventions and legislatures are freely available online.  The internet archive contains or serves as pass-through for them, including Duke's Confederate Imprints collection.  The Virginia Conventions' proceedings are all online here.


Re: Causes of Secession Classroom Exercise

Mike Griffith provides an example of "history by assertion." He claims that complaints about the tariff were a significant cause for secession.THE CONFEDERATE AND NEO-CONFEDERATE READER collects the statements that Southern states made as they left the U.S. No mention of tariffs, for the most part. None. Well, GA does mention tariffs at some length, only to then say that this issue disappeared in 1846! And why would VA, for instance, mention tariffs? The tariff in question was written by a VA planter, was very low, was not an issue. So much for history by assertion.