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Reminder: Virginia Tech Civil War research grants, due Feb 12

The Virginia Center for Civil War Studies and Virginia Tech’s Special Collections invite applications for the 2016-17 Virginia Center for Civil War Studies Research Grants. Each grant recipient will visit Virginia Tech’s Special Collections in order to conduct research on some aspect of the American Civil War era. An honorarium of $100 per business day will be provided, up to a maximum of $1,000. Recipients may also have the opportunity to give an informal presentation on their projects during their visit.

Suzanne and Caleb Loring Fellowship in Boston

The application deadline for the Loring Fellowship on the Civil War for 2016-2017 is February 15, 2016. 

The Boston Athenaeum and the Massachusetts Historical Society will offer one Suzanne and Caleb Loring Fellowship on the Civil War, Its Origins, and Consequences. The recipient will conduct research for at least four weeks at each institution. The fellowship carries a stipend of $4,000 for a total of eight weeks of research.

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Indiana Magazine of History

Vol. 111, No. 4 (December 2015)

Sacco, Nicholas W., "The Grand Army of the Republic. the Indianapolis 500, and the Struggle for Memorial Day in Indiana, 1868-1923," pp. 349-380.

Peek, Gregory, ""The True and Ever Living Principle of States Rights and Popular Sovereignty:" Douglas Democrats and Indiana Republicans Allied, 1857-1859," pp. 381-421.

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Michael Maben

Indiana University Jerome Hall Law Library

Bloomington, Indiana 47405