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Seeking papers for AAS panel: Settlement, mobility and hierarchies of place in contemporary China

Urbanization and the movement of hundreds of millions of people are reshaping urban China. A principal angle on such change has been from the perspective of marginalized migrant workers. But what about “talented” and wealthy migrants who are welcomed into cities? How are the boundaries drawn between those who can settle and those who are excluded? How do the original urbanites respond to an influx of better-off migrants? What new hierarchies of value are emerging in the formation of new patterns of migration and settlement?

TOC: Contributions to the History of Concepts (Vol. 9, Issue 1) - Citizenship in Europe after World War II

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that Volume 9, Issue 1 of Contributions to the History of Concepts has recently been published by Berghahn Journals.  The articles gathered here concentrate on conceptual changes and political struggles around citizenship related to the challenges of Europeanization, as well as both migration (in the sense of people moving to other countries) and immigration (in the sense of people moving into the country in question) after World War II.

Conference on socialism and philosophy in Cuba (2nd call)

The Seventeenth International Conference, “Socialism for the Twenty-first Century,” and the Eighth International Colloquium, “The Influence of Philosophy and the Social Science on the Cultural Heritage of the countries of the American Mediterranean,” will be held at the University of Havana from November 19 to November 21, 2014.   http://www.globallearning-cuba.com/new-political-science-2014.html

Lilith: A Feminist History Journal – Call for Papers

Lilith: A Feminist History Journal is seeking submissions for our next issue.


First published in 1984, Lilith is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles and reviews in all areas of women’s, feminist and gender history – not limited to Australia.  We are also interested in publishing short historiographical and methodological pieces.  Lilith is a valuable forum for both new and established scholars in the field.  We particularly encourage submissions from Australian and international postgraduate students and early career researchers.

The nations of the Global South speak

     The Group of 77 and China consists of 133 nations of the South.  It was formed in June 15, 1964 by 77 nations at the end of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, with the intention of promoting South-South cooperation and attending to their common problems of underdevelopment, a legacy of an international order established by colonial domination.  China joined the group in 1991.  The organization provides the possibility for the neocolonized peoples of the world to define a common approach to the issues that humanity confronts, in an environment that is freed from the