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Recent Network Content

CFP: Panel on children's "imagined communities" for SHCY 2015

I am interested in organizing a panel on children's "imagined communities" for the 2015 SHCY in Vancouver. My own paper will focus on the communities created by children's magazines in the nineteenth-century United States. If you are interested in helping me to form a panel or having me join a panel-in-progress, please contact me directly at pbringel@gmail.com.


Paul Ringel

Associate Professor of History, High Point University


Panelists For a Panel on Atlantic Childhoods for the SHCY 2015

A colleague and I are working on a panel for the Society for the History of Childhood and Youth Conference in July 2015. The title of the panel  'Atlantic Childhoods: Narratives of Citizenship, Gender and Labor in the Caribbean and Latin America.' My own paper will examine state run institutions in Jamaica in the 1920s and 30s. My colleague works on charity, childhood and citizenship in Brazil in the late nineteenth century.

Seeking Pop Culture/Humanities Scholar for potential grant project

My organization is applying for an NEH grant to digitize and potentially create an app for greater access to some of our collection material.  I'm looking for someone who would be willing to consult with us regarding products for children/childhood in the form of television program(s) and advertising.

[Our project will relate to a specific show, Captain Noah and His Magical Ark, which aired from 1967-1994 in the Philadelphia market and cereal premiums/packaging--and other material--created by John Walworth in the 1950s -1970s.]

CFP: Seeking panelists for 2015 Society for the History of Childhood and Youth Conference

Dear Colleagues,

I am putting together a panel on the history of extracurricular activities for the June 1015 Society for the History of Childhood and Youth (SHCY) Conference in Vancouver.  My own project is a social history of ballet class in America.  Other proposed topics include chemistry sets in the US and Germany and the role of the extracurricular in late 19th century American high schools.  If you are interested in joining this panel, please email me directly at klapper@rowan.edu.

CFP: panel on Children, Material Culture, and Identity for 2015 SHCY

I am interested in organizing a panel on children, material culture, and identity for the 2015 SHCY in Vancouver. My own work is on "childhoods of memory" and the role of nostalgia in 19th and 20th century children's material culture. If you are interested please contact me directly at jbaxter@depaul.edu

I hope there are a few other's interested in material culture who'd like to share their work in Vancouver.

Many thanks,


Jane Eva Baxter, PhD
Associate Professor of Anthropology

DePaul University