H-Childhood is an edited network focused on the history of childhood and youth. Subscriptions to H-Childhood are free. The H-Childhood network is co-sponsored by the Society for the History of Children and Youth (SHCY) and H-Net.

Recent Network Content

Seeking Panelists - SHCY 2015 - Family and Institutions

I am seeking panelists for the SHCY conference in Vancouver, June 2015.

Questions of familial relationships and sense of belonging are complex when dealing with children who were being raised in institutional settings, who frequently had living relatives.  I propose a panel that looks at these questions from various perspectives. 

Seeking Panelists - SHCY 2015 - Globalising History & the British world

Seeking one paper on the theme of children, childhood and youth in the British world between 1800 and 1950. Children and young people, both British and Indigenous, were central to the imperial project, burdened with its hopes and anxieties. This panel will seek to connect both the national and the international by further interrogating this network of young subjects in the making across the British world. In what ways was childhood contingent on national factors?

Seeking Panelists - SHCY 2015 - Child welfare projects in Asia

I am seeking one or two panelists for the SHCY meeting in Vancouver next June.

The proposed panel will consider child welfare projects in Asia during the 19th and 20th centuries, paying particular attention to the relationship between Western aid workers, local caregivers, and the children under their care. We are interested in questions of authority and power in child welfare projects, as well as how children responded to the different aid workers in their lives.

CFP - Childhood History Symposium - Congress of the Americas - 2015

Conv. Simposio La infancia en la historia de las Américas y Caribe  55 ICA


SIMPOSIO La infancia en la historia de las Américas y Caribe, 26 (Área temática 4: Historia)

Coordinadores: (juventudinfancia@hotmail.com)

Seeking Panelists - SHCY 2015 - childhoods beyond the binary

Seeking two papers on the theme of childhoods "beyond the binary." How have individual children, groups of children, or theories of childhood, challenged the binaries of sex and gender in the past? How do the categories of age and gender intersect?

My paper will explore a manuscript memoir of a 19th-century American woman educator who chose to wear boys' clothes and be called by a boy's name during childhood. The paper will explore the boundaries of girlhood and boyhood in the antebellum era, and explore the possibiities for doing a trans* history of early American childhood.

CFP - Kansas City’s Golden Age? 1918-1941

The Kansas City Public Library and the History Department at the University of Missouri–Kansas City seek papers to be presented at a public conference in the spring of 2016. The conference will explore the rich history of Kansas City in the interwar period of 1918-1941, which has been characterized as an exciting period of growth, development, and cultural fluorescence — Kansas City’s “Golden Age”— even in the midst of rampant public corruption, economic depression, and strained relations among the races and sexes.